The New ZosterRx Treatment for Shingles Pain

After years of pharmacology research on tumescent drug delivery (TDD) and tumescent local anesthesia (TLA), Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein has developed a promising new therapy, known as ZosterRx, for the treatment of severe acute and chronic shingles pain. ZosterRx consists of an essentially painless subcutaneous injection of a very dilute totally novel solution, invented by Dr. Klein. The Klein-ZosterRx Solution contains acyclovir (an anti-shingles virus drug), lidocaine (a local anesthetic), epinephrine and other medications. The lidocaine local anesthetic provides immediate, virtually complete shingles-pain relief for at least 18 to 36 hours. Following 2 to 3 sequential treatments, 2 to 4 days apart, the acyclovir appears to significantly reduce the duration and intensity of new shingles pain as well as chronic shingles pain (PHN). More Information on ZosterRx Shingles Treatment

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